Where to find a scoop

By Leslie Harlib

Gelato Milano

Milano offers the silkiest gelato and sorbet I sampled. The stark white shop, with gray cement floors and sleek lines, is like a simple frame for the billowing waves of colorful gelato, around two dozen varieties, presented in metal tubs. A sign says that all the ingredients are imported from Italy. In texture and flavors this was the closest to the gelatos I've tasted in Florence and Rome. Some of my favorites were a clear, almost flowery crema (vanilla without the vanilla); a luscious, dairy-free lemon; musky candied chestnut; coconut made from fresh coconut meat scraped from the shell; Crema Catalana, like a frozen Spanish-style flan; and Croccante, a mix of nuts and chocolate, based on an Italian candy.

Excerpt from article published in the Marin Independent Journal, July 20, 2006