The Daily Clog: Crawling Berkeley: Snooty Dairy Products for Snooty People

With one blogger on vacation, we decided to vacay ourselves and indulge in some gelato and artisan ice cream. Our bellies rumbling and one mind reeling over its imminent midterm, we set forth to go where no blogger has gone before.

OK, so we’re pretty sure people have eaten this sh*t before. But we sampled the craziest, weirdest and most exotic flavors we could find. And now we’re telling you how it is. Listen up, son.

Glide on …

We headed over to the Berkeley BART area on Shattuck to hit up Gelato Milano, which proved to be more exciting than its plain white exterior led us to believe.

Crem caramel, $3.00

CB: If baby flesh were to taste like anything, it would taste like this.
SR: It would be saltier.
GN: It’d taste like bacon … I still can’t taste the carrots.

Milano had the perfect gelato consistency, and the flavor wasn’t overpowering.
Quality of snooty dairy product: 8/10
Flavor with the most syllables: Mandorla tostata

Excerpt from posting of the The Daily Clog, blog from the staff of UC Berkeley's Daily Californian, June 7, 2007